Here at Smith Graphics, we have always preferred an inclusive role within any project, and that our involvement in several aspects of a project helps generate the best possible solution for design and impact. At the same time, we strive to keep an open and flexible relationship with our clients with whom we are working, since we have found that a diversity of ideas blending with ours will always yield positive results.

Utilizing the latest graphic design technology and keeping up with specific industry and graphic design trends is always at the forefront of our ongoing desire to improve both design quality and production time. 

With over 25 years of art and design experience, coupled with involvement in several diverse industries, founding Partner and Creative Director Geoffrey Smith is a very versatile and adaptive designer. With studio art and production experience and a passion for the technology of digital design, his working style over those 20 years displays a strong mix of traditional design with the infinite potential obtainable from digital design. Geoffrey also understands the importance of perpetuating design across all media, be it web, print, or interactive so one can ensure consistency of message.

"I believe that one basic challenge always faces the artist when designing for the businesses of the world — from telecommunications to pharmaceuticals, fashion to industry — each business and product has its own particular feel and personality. So... one must delve deep; one must understand the business for which one is designing.

An artist and designer must embrace this challenge... using the nature of the business to drive the design, whether it be updating and beautifying stiff, pre-existing artwork or working miracles with an idea scribbled on a napkin. The designer must also be completely involved in perpetuating the design across all media, be it web, print, interactive so one can ensure consistency of message."

Geoffrey Smith
Founder and Creative Director
Smith Graphics
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